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As an aside, what dating apps do you use? I lived in Hawaii 6 years growing up. Not a day goes by that I don’t reminisce. I wonder sometimes if I could’ve done things differently; if I maybe could’ve gotten a little more out of the experience. Perhaps if I resolved to be a β€œlearn-it-all,” I might have come away with more to share. But thank you for the pictures, and yes, surfing was frustrating but fun. And even if you caught nothing, you got good exercise and slept well that evening. And you were hungry for more.

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I like what you said on your website about yourself and what being a learn-it-all means to you:

β€œI’m on a journey to "learn-it-all". To me, that doesn't mean to complete learning but reinventing our relationship with how we learn.”

Your newsletter feels like a front row seat to watching you go through the process of learning all the things and reinventing your relationship to everything you’re engaging with, but mostly, yourself.

I love that :)

Also lol love that overdue library books are on your β€œout” list because I’m the worst at returning books on time, so if I had my own list, they would be out for me too.

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