"Most of us on this blue and green spinning dot get onto a cruise control..."

^^ This line stood out the most to me. It's so true, and I've been there. Much of my younger life was a "cruise control" situation with no thought or vision for the future. You're right that hard work is an inescapable reality--and approaching it with intention is a smart approach.

I turned 38 recently, by the way, and I also don't have life "figured out," so no worries on those days when you're feeling the uncertainty and aren't sure where to aim. The overall course is what matters, not getting to the destination in a straight line. This is something I remind myself of frequently as I navigate life as a Christian: God has a plan, but the path is never going to look the way I expect. Every step along the way is an opportunity to learn and grow. 💛

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happy belated birthday, Jen :)

I love this:

"I love tea. I love pink. I love Audrey Hepburn. I love my life."

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Happy birthday!!!! 27 is such a beautiful age. (And Audrey Hepburn is truly the best.) Soak it up!

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