Sitemap - 2021 - Letter from a learn-it-all

πŸŽ„Letter 91: The Grinch who Stole Christmas, Piano under the Northern Lights, Gratitude, Fulsome

❀️ Letter 90: Lessons from Omi, The Holiday, Health Is Wealth, Bodhi Day, Internetly, Kanaka

πŸ’™ Letter 89: Wholesome Humanity, Slow-Motion Multitasking, Sandwich Islanders

πŸ’ͺ Letter 88: Relentless Rain, November Reflection, Mike Posner, Banzai Pipeline, Lanikai Pillbox, Fear, Wiwo'ole

πŸ¦ƒ Letter 87: Friendsgiving Festivities, The Art of Pausing in a Busy World, A Slow Holiday Toast, Writing Studio Reflection, Aloha

πŸ“΅ Letter 86: Phoneless 48 hours, Biking 42 Miles, Lanai

πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Letter 85: Kailua-Kona Half Marathon Reflections, Diving With Manta Ray Ghosts, Vagabond

😎 Letter 84: Writing Studio, Walking Honolulu History Tour, Mind Blowingly Beautiful, Dunbar Theory, Pono

🏝Letter 83: Wholesome in Hawaii, Breakthrough Facilitation, Billie Eilish, Pumpkin Carving, Passion

πŸ“· Letter 82: Do Nothing, Photography, Emptiness, Identity, Mantras, Slowpoking, Traveling Abroad

πŸ“ Letter 81: My Write of Passage, Songwriting, Regret, Late Bloomers

πŸŽ™Letter 80: AudiOctober Experiment, Annual Letter Exercise, September Review, Walking in this World, Gung Ho

πŸŒ‹ Letter 79: Diamond Head Move, A Letter to Barbara Oakley, Being Local, Ideation, Relish

βœ‰οΈ Letter 78: Write to your Future Self, Mermaid Caves, Equifinality

🏝 Letter 77: Why Hawaii, Traditions, Introspection

🚘 Letter 76: Road to Hana, Languish, Ennui

🌁 Letter 75: Hey Haleakalā, Terra Incognita

🀿 Letter 74: SCUBA Certification, Rituals, Weightlessness

⏳Letter 73: Cultivating Curiosity, Time Dilation, Hawaii Geography, Saying Farewell, Pau Hana

β›° Letter 72: Three Peaks, Shark Diving, Sparking Curiosity, Sarah Kinsley, Mopeding, Incredible

πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Letter 71: Monthly Reflection, Understanding Poetry, Byodo-In Temple, Ricochet

πŸͺ‚ Letter 70: Skydiving, Camping, Sailing, Designing Your Life, Paracosm

β›° Letter 69: Koko Head Crater, Cave Diving, Cliff Jumping, Three Week Reflection, Ephemeral

πŸ„πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Letter 68: Surfing, Sunsets, Slippers, Mahalo

🐬 Letter 67: Swimming with Dolphins, Hard Decisions, Waiwai, Reflection

✈️ Letter 66: The Arrival, Aloha, First Impressions, The Vault, Supernova, Aloha

πŸ˜‹ Letter 65: Pidgin, Poffertjes, Sponging, Hydrotherapy, Journaling Workshop, Dad's Day...

πŸš— Letter 64: Long Lost Cousins, Facebook, 13 Days, Road Trip, Art Fair, New American Dream, Facebook

β˜€οΈ Letter 63: Moving to Hawaii, Wild Animal Attacks, 10-Year-Old Jen, Capstone Signup, Posterity...

πŸ™ Letter 62: Reflection of May, Casey Neistat, Capstone News, Architecture Tour

πŸ«‚ Letter 61: Mental Health, Unknowing Oneself, Therapy, Understanding...

🧱 Letter 60: Organic Architecture, 60 Years, Frank Lloyd Wright, Poetry...

πŸ₯² Letter 59: Failure, Getting Fired, Goals, Gasoline...

πŸ₯° Letter 58 from a learn-it-all

πŸ“ˆ Letter 57 from a learn-it-all

🧠 Letter 56 from a learn-it-all

⛰️ Letter 55 from a learn-it-all

🐒 Letter 54 from a learn-it-all

✨ Letter 53 from a learn-it-all

πŸŽ‚ Letter 52 from a learn-it-all

πŸ™ Letter 51 from a learn-it-all

✈️ Letter 50 from a learn-it-all

🐠 Letter 49 from a learn-it-all

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ Letter 48 from a learn-it-all

πŸŽ‚ Letter 47 from a learn-it-all

πŸ’­ Letter 46 from a learn-it-all

🌟 Letter 45 from a learn-it-all 🌟

🌟 Letter 44 from a learn-it-all 🌟

🌟 Letter 43 from a learn-it-all 🌟

🌟 Letter #42 from a Learn-it-all 🌟

🌟 Letter #41 from a Learn-it-all 🌟